The Time Is Now
The Time Is Now
Nibras: The Soft Revolution

Nibras: The Soft Revolution

A podcast episode

Hello friends,

please enjoy this podcast episode with Nibras.

Nibras and I got to know each other in a residency in Berlin. Nibras is an excellent interviewer and a conversation artist, and passing the mic is a bit of a sport for us. We also share an inevitable draw towards content creation, so it’s good to talk on tape together. The topic we end up converging on is “the lowering of the armor” and the way of supple surrender, instead of the harsh drive to overcome.

I first met Nibras on Twitter, and she has been regularly tweeting bangers, check em out.

You can listen to the audio of the podcast here.


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0:00 Head tilt hello
2:56 Nibras’ Travels
16:28 Nibras, other people and self regulation
27:31 Simon on Community, TPOT and the magic of internet people
36:10 Life is a movie
42:28 All people are portals to other worlds, make up reasons to be with them
53:21 People are flowering, Guards are lowering
58:52 Nibras alters the nature of her cat with a tweet
1:02:21 Passing the mic and navigating the impossibility of a conversation
1:04:44 Softness, Boundaries, Navigation of the World
1:33:24 Rick Rubin Roulette / Doing things from scratch / Love & Goodbye
1:46:55 Behind the scenes

The Time Is Now
The Time Is Now
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